Ever since the market place moved from sellers’ market to buyers’ market, businesses are going thru stiff competition both within and with outside the country in which it operates.  This competition is making organizations to do everything that is possible to stay ahead of competition.

Meanwhile, some of those very countries which pushed for opening up markets for global companies, are now taking a ‘u’ turn to discourage products entering their countries and started protecting the domestic companies against the global companies through various policy measures.

All these uncertain and ambiguous scenarios are testing the core values of the management of many companies – some companies stand by their core values and do the business the right way while the others succumb to pressure and find short-cuts to survive.

It is in this context that the business expects HR professionals to play a very important and crucial role.  While the business go through such a challenging phase and yet expected to meet the aspirations of the stakeholders, Organizations expect HR to be champion of promoting and upholding ethical and core values which will go a long way in sustaining and thriving in any economic and competitive situations.  Hence, ensuring credible leadership should be at the top of the agenda for HR.

Having said so, it is not going to be easy to demonstrate this unless the HR professional are able to stand up for the core values and risk their career for the same if required.  This requires enormous amount of conviction on the part of HR professionals on the values that the management wants to stand by and professionally strong in terms of providing the people solution to support and excel in this tough business situations.  Therefore, HR Excellence comes the next!

In theIndian context, this becomes even more complex with the changing political and social diversity.  This is further complicated by the current generation which is caught between ethos of Indian culture and fantasies of western culture!  Business expects HR to managing these diversities and provide necessary talent to the organization and align them to the organization’s culture and aspirations.  It is here that HR is expected to serve as a change agent!

Soundarrajan K, VP- HR, TVS Logistics Services Ltd.


Business also expects HR to support diversity and equality, create innovative organization, drive performance culture, build team work, develop talent, bring about customer centricity thru quality and productivity in all its operations and yet treat people as people to build the commitment to the ethos of the organization and its future.  HR is expected to be a credible and valuable business partner!

If these focus areas are clearly articulated and built into the organisations’ core value systems and build the entire HR processes and practices around this, HR would have made a great contribution to the organizations.  This would require a great deal of support and leadership commitment from the Management and HR should demand such support thru their credible contributions.


With organisataions becoming a complex place having diverse people, managing them becomes even more complex.  Once the governing framework is put in place, it is only a matter of putting these into practices and ensure their seamless execution, to be a successful organsiation.

Adopting to technology serves hugely to manage diverse people and build a cohesive organization!  HR leadership should also understand the aspirations of new generation and assimilate the technology practices to ensure that the laudable goals of the organization are fused with the aspirations of employees and drive the organization to be successful in the long run.  HR needs to create an open and participating culture which promotes and builds a cohesive and performing teams!

The emerging technology solutions help us understand people and their behaviours, expectations far more credibly thru the application of various technologies and including Artificial Intelligence, predictive analysis!  Predicting people behavior has been a new area of opportunity for HR to explore and use it for proactive HR practices and ensure right talent is attracted and retained for a long term sustenance of the business! Predictability is key in managing people and this can be achieved using technology!

To build the organization, HR needs to focus on the strategic and transformational actions and eliminate many of the transactional aspects thru adoption of IT tools.  With the emerging technologies that are available at a competitive price, a lot can be achieved if HR can able to leverage the technology and enable employees adopt it both within HR function and across the organization.  Employees are happy not to depend on anybody for many of their transactional requirements and want to have information on their mobile. Technology is not only used in HR to ensure an agile and efficient HR team that delivers the value to the business, but also meets the requirements of employees when they need any information about their own self as well as on the teams and the organization!  Information is power!

While business wants HR play a key role and willing to offer a seat in the board room, it is the HR profession which has to earn the seat through credible and capable leadership actions on the ground!


– Author is the Vice President- HR, TVS Logistics Services Ltd.






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